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    This is brought up regularly, and has been going on for years now. It's not worth believing.

    Anyhow, why would one carrier want to juggle so many networks?
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    I don't like the sound of this. Sprint is just starting to pull itself back up.
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    No way. One, single company managing pretty much every single wireless phone network type in the country? Iden, cdma, gsm, wimax, and lte all in one company. That's just a bad idea.
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    No way. One, single company managing pretty much every single wireless phone network type in the country? Iden, cdma, gsm, wimax, and lte all in one company. That's just a bad idea.
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    I don't see how this could work. Since tmob is gsm, if they did plan on obtaining sprint they would probably have to phase out cdma and probably iden as well. For one, that means far less coverage as tmobile has little 3g support and not as much coverage. Alot of nectel customers would be furious (they already feel ignored and I don't blam them is there even a phone half this cool for a wimax sprint ptt phone? No) it jus makes no sense because I can't see them managing all of those technologies without starting a riot and then raise prices on everyone later when they want a new phone and have to renew!

    Honodtly not to worried about this. Sprint has pre, pixi touch pro 2 and hero, plus any mobile anytime. I see high times for sprint if anything!
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    If T-mobile does buy sprint..I think it would be great we could GSM and CDMA on a single device that would give you coverage literally EVERYWHERE. now THAT'S dual mode...Its only a matter of time soon enough there is going to be only 2 major carries. its just to see who will prevail cdma or gsm or maybe some new technology. ..

    .but Verizon will be buying up someone as well as at and t..picture this att and T-mobile merge and then Verizon and sprint merge! that would be cool...or T-mobile and sprint and Verizon and att, then you would have underdog;s verse the top dawgs lol.
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    If verizon bought sprint it would be more practical (both cdma) but then they would charge us way more
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    I don’t see how fewer cell phone providers are good for consumers.
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    me niether more choice is good
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    I'm thinking the regulators wont be happy about it...however sprint shareholders might...IDK just speculation really...
    I am thinking your wrong. I am thinking how AT&T got to the size it is.

    But, I am curious why you are thinking if you are speculating? History clearly shows that a consolidation of the industry is occurring.
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    I used to work at Sprint and they always talked about this. This has been a rumor for a long time now. This was one of the first things they told us during our initial training haha. It's not gonna happen so stop worrying guys
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    I certainly would be bumming out if T-Mo takes over Sprint. Think service is bad now? Oh, boy.
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    I certainly hope they dont buy Sprint...
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    Please, NO!! What a clusterflick of technologies that would be.
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    I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint for the Pre. I hope T-Mo doesn't buy up Sprint or make a merger. I like Sprint's customer service & awesome plans over TM.
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    I love MBAs. If you can't beat em, BUY EM!
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    Execs have really lost touch with reality. Instead of focusing on innovation and the customer experience they are more concerned with making a name for them self. Its easy to buy another company than fix your own.

    I think the execs have lost their mind and can't think of creative ideas.

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    Isn't T-Mobile merging with Orange to be the largest provider in wow, being #2 in USA would be close to world domination :-P

    But that would be interesting if they maintained GSM and CDMA. Just hope management keeps up Sprints superior 3G.

    But eh....I like Sprint by itself....I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetdad View Post
    Agreed. With the way Sprint has already been hot and cold on their relationship and ownership into clearwire and WiMax this could be a save face jump ship into LTE camp and create the national 4g marketplace we wanted with 3g as consumers. Think of it - all three major players (att,verizon,and now Tmobile/spint) on the same network with roaming abilities. It would take the coverage claim out and force a price/device/customer service war. I think it would be a great win win for customers.
    Actually, I think it's more likely that if this were to go through T-Mobile would switch to WiMax rather than Sprint dumping it. Sprint has a significant amount of capital invested in their existing 4G rollout. Being that Sprint has the only US 4G coverage anywhere in America, I can't imagine that T-Mobile USA has anywhere near that amount invested in LTE.

    Sprint's "hot and cold" attitude can be easily explained. Not many outside my area have probably heard of them, but there's a little company up here called iPCS that is the local Sprint affiliate. Every since the merger, iPCS has been a major thorn in Sprint's side. They've contested (and it's been held up in court) that Sprint running the Nextel network is a violation of the exclusivity agreement that iPCS has over their controlled areas. They've extended that claim to WiMax. There's a nearby city that has 95% of the required hardware for WiMax installed, but they can't turn it on because of this claim. If Sprint doesn't run clearwire, then Sprint's agreement w/iPCS is meaningless. And changing the technology to LTE doesn't change the legal issues.
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    WOOH STOP a minute. The merger and our services would be a mess but there is a much more devastating part to this.
    *****************URGENT*******************Yes it would be bad if T-Mobile and Sprint combine but unless I missed it in someones comment there is the worst part of this story. Deutsche Telekom is a German (overseas) company. This would take the majority interest out of the United States. With the G4 work being done and the lease of NexTel's older system to the US Government, that would give control of the communications of the Government and the most advanced (G4) system to a someone outside of the USA. Do you get this? This is VERY bad. Look into this. Please if you know what I am talking about add to this.
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