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    What is it? WebOS 1.2 goes to Configuration 1.8 and I guess 1.7 was a result of the 1.1 update?

    I can put together what it probably is but can someone explain in more detail?

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    187 views and no one can help me out? Even tell me its a stupid question?
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    Sounds right but will know when the update is out.
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    I can give you a wild uneducated guess.

    The Pre is updated by Palm, but each cell carrier that carries it has their own updates tagged on to the palm update that enable or disable certain features, or add certain specialty apps (like sprint navigation).

    In fact, this might even be why webOSDoctor 1.2 was leaded some time ago, but we still haven't seen a live update. It could be that palm is actually done with their portion of the update, but it can't get pushed out until Sprint does their portion of the update.
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    That is one of the best, to the point, un-atacking, respectful and logical answers I have seen in a post in a long time.
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    The Configuration "Sprint 1.7" is in reference to the carrier-specific apps and settings. I don't know what Bell's configuration number is, but each time that WebOS is updated, the configuration number has also been bumped up. It may not stay that way forever, but that is what I've noticed so far. Also ttoally uneducated, but it is the most likely answer.
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