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    Any other bell pre users experience an outage of data? I can send and receive calls/texts fine but the data is completely out.

    I'm asking as a global question because someone else with a pre also had his data go out.

    The kicker is that we were both testing an application I made so I'm not sure if it's the bell network or my application which mucked up the connection.
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    Yes, I'm in Toronto and my data is down. The Pre feels the need to keep informing me of this fact too. That's kind of annoying.
    It's not just you & me, there's a thread about it on Howard Forums:
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    ya folks.. right across canada according to Bell support.. an hour ago they said it had been down for about 2.5-3 hours.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ps this is all smart phones.. not just the pre..
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    up for twenty minutes.. gone again.. thank christ for wifi.. weeeeee splat

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    There were some general EVDO outages yesterday for some clients. In our store 4/5 reps couldn't get internet service or texts on their phones and lots of calls in for non-functioning TurboSticks.

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