If you're in an awesome mood and willing to help a buddy out, I'd be surely appreciative. Especially if you're on Alltel

The phone is rooted

Programmed to alltel with QPST latest version

I am updated to the latest OS on my palm pre and have copied over TilIpcTest and PmModemFactory to usr/bin .. I haven't done anything with either of these tools, only been programming with QPST

I am wondering what your HA and AAA shared keys looked like... you don't have to tell me outright what they were, but how long are they and how did you get them? I ripped the HA shared key off of an EVDO RZR that I had and it was in HEX code that translates to ".alltel" ... is that correct?

I have profile 0 under MIP settings set to default sprint along with profile 1.
Profile 2 is set to all alltel settings.
I chose "active profile - 2" under the drop down menu of MIP settings
and I have profile to set as enabled/active

Here's what my phone does:

As soon as I write settings to it, it finds service and EV pops up and I have 5 bars and I'm not roaming... I launch the browser and I go to a few sites, no problems what so ever, really fast. If I let the phone sit for quite a while and let EVDO go "dormant" because of sitting idle, it WILL NOT get out of dormant mode and data stops working, although I'm still displaying 4 or 5 bars of EV... Only way to get it working again is to enable airplane mode and then disable and it will function just perfect until it goes dormant again. Real annoying. I don't know if this could be caused by incorrect HA or AAA shared keys.

Fully activated on alltel, apparently my PRL info is right also cause I do not roam at all and all of the service codes such as *228 and *611, etc.. work perfect. TXT and Voice perfectly working.