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    I'm not sure if this is an issue with the Pre, Sprint or Yahoo but if someone sends me an sms from their Yahoo mail, I don't receive it. I just switched to Sprint to get a Pre. But before my wife would sms me from her Yahoo mail and I would get it on my phone as a regular sms. I know it works on AT&T phones and VZW phones but now that I have a Pre on Sprint I just don't get the sms. I am able to get sms's from all other sources (other phones, bank alerts, reminders, etc.)

    anyone have any ideas?
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    I just tried it and I received the text on my pre via yahoo messenger.
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    yeah i just tried it and i get txt from yahoo fine
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    That is odd...I just tried testing it a few more times and it still doesn't work on my Pre. I also just tried with a tmobile, at&t and vzw phone and they all worked fine. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I recently ported my # from AT&T
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    here follow direction on this link and set it up...

    Yahoo! Messenger SMS - How to set up
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    I never set this up on any of the other phones I tested with.
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    OOooohh acouple of steps ain't gonna kill you...
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    I don't mind the steps that's just not what I'm looking to do. The link you sent allows me to register which means that Yahoo will forward instant messages sent to my Yahoo account to me via sms. However, what I am referring to is in Yahoo email you can press T which allows you to enter a phone number and it will send an sms message to that number.
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    It is probably due to the recent port. They probably don't have the updated messaging gateway yet and are still trying to send it to the old one.
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