I have a plan that is listed as a "partner employee plan" which offers unlimited anytime and n&w minutes, as well as unlimited data and texts. I pay a total of $37.50 for the plan, which I received from retentions almost 2 years ago. (My total bill for both me and my wife, who also has this plan on her line is $62 total not including taxes). I am not a sprint employee (nor work for a company that has a sprint discount), but am obviously pleased with my plan and want to keep it.

I've been reading posts on here frequently and it looks like sprint employees can now get a Pre on employee plans. However, my question is whether there is any chance of keeping my plan and switching to a pre. What would be my best method to make this happen? (telesales? sprint store? paying retail with no contract and switching the EIN numbers?). I know this question has been danced around, but with the Aug. 10th date allowing sprint employees to get pre's, I wasn't sure if that might help in my situation where I am on a "partner employee plan" and trying to get a pre.

I'm a little concerned to even call in to telesales, for fear that sprint may question my "eligibility" for the plan with even my existing phone (centro). If I can't keep this plan with a pre, I won't switch and will keep this great plan as long as possible.