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    Since Alltel was bought out by Verizon a lot of people were wondering if Sprint users could still get evdo roaming on Alltel towers since.

    Sprint and Alltel had a 10 year deal that is up in 2016 that would allow Sprint users to roam using EVDO on Alltel towers. Sprint's deal with Verizon has always been roaming at 1XRTT only. So you can see how people would be confused when Alltel got bought out by Verizon.

    Well i looked into this further and visited a huge Alltel tower in East Texas that is the only cellular tower in a 10mile radius. I can confirm that Sprint does in fact get EVDO roaming on the tower. Here is a screen shot:

    Hope this clears up a few things. BTW i was getting 950kbps on that Alltel tower.
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    got the link working so you dont have to log in to see picture.
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    I've been EVDO roaming on Alltel for at least two years on my 700p in a small gulf coast town without Sprint service. Using MyTether, I've gotten some really good speeds as well.
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    I wish Sprint would get off their donkey and get an EVDO agreement going with Verizon.
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    That would dominate!
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    I don't roam on alltel's towers, I use alltel's towers as my main source of signal
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    Sprint needs to start looking ahead to the future. If they don't want to be left in the stone ages, they would start working with Verizon before the FCC or anyone else sticks their noses into the pot.

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