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    Hi all, my contract is expiring in November, and I am wanting the pre because A) it is awesome, and B) for school purposes, mainly because it is awesome though. Anyway, I was wondering whether I should keep plan and just add data to it, or should get the data 450 plan. the only reasons I can see for getting the new data plan is for the gps, but since my traveling consists of going to and from school, and for messaging, but I only use about 20 or so per week. In 2 years I never went above my 300. My current plan is $40 per month for 450 minutes plus $5 per month for messaging. to add data to it would be $15 per month, making it a total of $60. the cheapest data plan is $70 per month, but that includes the gps and messaging. My question is, would it be worth the extra $10 a month? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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    unless someone else knows different, you have to have sprint's everything plan to purchase a pre. they started that with a couple of their phones. i had to upgrade to the everything plan when i bought my instinct. i was so happy when the pre came out. the instinct isn't a bad phone, just was not right for me going from a treo 700. but i digress,.....sprint pretty much makes that decision for you. the everything plan is awesome though. saves you money over anyone else's plan. and you know what your bill will be every month.
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    I also currently have the same plan with the $15 data plan and $5 messaging added on to it. I'm getting the Pre next week (yea!) and called Sprint to check compatibility, but unfortunately it will not work with the Pre. The Everything Data ($70/$90) and the Simply Everything ($100) are the only plans available that are compatible. I'm willing to pay the extra a month to have a Pre so it's worth it to me... Hope this helps!
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    This may have to delay it until the next semester, seeing as how I am not working at the moment and need to get car plates renewed (stupid DMV). thanks a bunch

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