So this is my first time posting here in this forum, but I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to.

I'm trying to figure out if I should get the Palm Pre for Sprint now, or wait until it comes out on Verizon early next year. What's pushing me towards the Pre with Sprint now is that their plans are much more appealing seeing as I can get everything I need for $69.99 (and then a discount of 19% with my employer). What's pulling me away is all the talk about their "terrible service" throughout the country and in my area. I've had Verizon for years and they've been fantastic service-wise, but their customer service keeps driving me crazy and they're expensive (same price as AT&T which has horrendous service).

Now my question is about service in Hudson Valley New York region (mainly looking at Middletown/Montgomery, NY). I cannot find anything online showing any personal testimonials about their service that was any time recently. According to the coverage viewer on the website it should be decent, but there's some gray showing for roaming, which I'm guessing is off of Verizon's towers. I'm to assume I'd still be able to use all of the services the Pre offers on those towers if I roam?


What's the service like in Middletown/Montgomery, NY and the rest of the Hudson Valley? (There's gotta be a few of you, maybe, that have been where I live haha).