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    I logged into my account today to see if my Alliant Credit Union discount had kicked in. It had, and I highly recommend everyone take advantage of it if you haven't already (dropped my monthly service from $78.82 to $59.57). That is not the point of this thread, though. Dang, OP and already off topic.

    When I logged in, a popup appeared and offered a $5 discount for switching to paperless billing. Has anyone else noticed this and/or already enrolled in paperless billing? I'm just wondering if anyone has actually gotten the $5 discount because the confirmation page and confirmation e-mail did not mention the discount at all, nor is there any reference to it on my account page.

    I realize of course that I could just call Sprint and ask them... but I'd rather find some peace of mind here and avoid the hassle of dealing with them.
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    The discount applies onto your next bill. It might not appear instantly. It is a valid discount however and is automatically applied by the system the next time the bill is issued.
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    What exactly is the Alliant Credit Union discount?
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    Quote Originally Posted by calsccr9 View Post
    What exactly is the Alliant Credit Union discount?
    Members of Alliant Credit Union get a 25% discount on their Sprint bill. There's a thread on here with the details on how to join Alliant.
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    Can this $5 discount for a paperless bill be requested over the phone with a Sprint representative? Sounds interesting, I'd like to save an extra $5 every month (:
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    It's a one time thing. Not every month.
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    i signed up for this a very long time ago, it's a one time $5 credit. i hate getting snail mail so i've done this for most of my bills, i rather get notification through email.

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