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    Early in the summer joined Alliant Credit Union to get the 25% discount. In mid June I called Sprint and I was told I was all signed up and my discount would take effect in ~ 60 days.

    I happened to be calling Sprint on another issue and I inquired about my discount (as it happened to be 2 months later). I was told that no discount was ever put through.

    After further investigation, it turns out that in mid June, Sprint somehow managed to sign me up for the TEP plan (on my old Centro that I bought from a dude off Craigslist) instead of giving me 25% discount.

    That has to be the craziest error I've ever heard of. So be sure to follow up with Sprint and be sure you are getting the proper discount.
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    Same here buddy. They screwed up my 26% employer discount. I was so mad when I got my bill but fortunately chat-support was able to resolve the issue.
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    This thread should be here:

    Has nothing to do with the Pre just your carrier
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones View Post
    This thread should be here:

    Has nothing to do with the Pre just your carrier
    I'm thinking somewhere around 100% of Pre users are on Sprint. I learned about the discounts here, so I figured I'd warn other people to make sure they have been properly applied.

    Mods can move the thread as they see fit.

    FWIW - I never would have learned about the discounts had it been posted in the CDMA forum.
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    I just resolved a issue like that yesterday. called customer service to see when the discount would kick in and they said it was in the system but it was never submitted. after being on hold for an hour till she could get in touch with that department, she came back and said because it is a everything plan I would need to be put on a corporate everything plan. a couple hours later I got two emails from sprint saying it was approved and would take up to two billing cycles. . glad I double checked.

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