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    Anyone have a direct phone number or a way to get in contact with the retention department??
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    Dial: 800-SPRINT1; Option 3; it will ask you to input your number (input it); then option 3; then option 5.
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    Is this the only way to get through retentions these days? I thought there was a direct line? I have searched but I cannot find the number.
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    Hi I called sprint retentions to remove my 35 restocking fee. I also had bad reception at my house and they gave me a free airwave with 2 years of service on it. This is the number I used. 1-866-235-1185

    What I did was basically state your problem and say that the store manager wasn't able to help you and that they said if anyone can help to call this number and they gave it to you.
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    (hope linking to another site isn't against rules)

    www dot sprintusers dot com

    Check their FAQ section... there's a whole list of Sprint numbers
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    Thanks for the help. I checked the sprintusers sticky but the retentions numbers posted did not work.
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    The 1-866-235-1185 number does not work.
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    Just call the regular Care number.

    888-211-4727 Option 3, Option 5

    That is Cancellations/Retentions/Account Services, whatever name you want to call it, they are all the same group.
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    i did work thanks alot i was offer 5 numbers for five dollars that is awsome
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    It just worked for me too.. i told him i was gonna cancel this month bcuz of poor signal in my house & i told him i was going to use the etf loophole. he said he was gonna send it free of charge, but i diddent ask about the monthy fee, should be free too right?
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    I called 877 775-4886 & was only offered $10 off for 12 months. He told me the $20 for 24 months was not being offer anymore. I wasn't happy with the offer but took the referral number down just in case.
    I came here & noticed others had gotten the offer recently & decided to call back. I found another number & I called it instead.
    I called 866 235-1185 (within 10 minutes) & mentioned the $20/24 & got it!! I told them I really wanted the palm pre plus (Which I do & could be added to my exhusbands account). They tried to talk me out of it, but I refused. She asked if there was anything they could do & I said, my friend (precentral friends here-HI friends) just got the $20/24 deal & I would stay if they offered that to me. They did. Yeah!!!!! Give it a shot & keep trying.
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    I just got a basically free Airave. New Sprint customer, so I figured I was out of luck. I called retentions, complained about horrible service in my house/street (honestly barely 1 bar if I'm lucky), and dropped calls and late texts. They researched it and said I was in a good service area and said I had been using my phone alot within that area. I fought with them about it and they eventually said if I was getting bad coverage they'd send me an Airave with the monthly service waived for $.99 plus tax. So $2.52 (don't ask me how that tax worked out) ... That's tons better than $100 + $5 a month though. Anyways, just had to post my success since I've only been a Sprint customer for 3 months.
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    I just called Sprint Retentions today and told them I was thinking about cancelling due to poor reception at home. They are sending me a free Airave and gave me $20 off my bill for 24 months. I had to start a new 2 year contract to get it, but I was only 7 months into my current contract.
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    I have 3 lines w/sprint. no ll. called them got Air rave & service FOC period!!! Not if they would just start carrying the HTC HD by the time my contact is up in Dec.
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    What's the latest Sprint retention number? The one I have doesn't work's been disconnected (1.866.207.7913).

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