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    Hi everybody. I have a BB with verizon right now but am really losing patience with them and this phone. I really would like to move over to Sprint and pick up a Pre. It seems like a really good device from what I've been reading here and I get a nice discount through my job. My question is when using Sprint has anybody noticed any sort of text message delay across different carriers? I was with ATT briefly and my wife uses T-Mobile and there were delays of up to an hour sometimes. This along with not really knowing how Sprint's coverage is around here are really the only two things holding me back. Not too mention I've used a BB forever and am really used to it and I'm not sure that the Pre can do all the things my BB could do. Either way though I'm willing to try and see but if anybody has any insight to my original question that would be great. Thanks in advance everybody.

    Oh I'm in Huntsville, Al. Btw. if anybody else lives around here and can help out about the coverage question. Thanks again.
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    Hello Bandit247,
    I have never had a problem with my text messages being delayed. I mean once and awhile they might be a min or two behind but never an hour. Overall I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what the Pre can do. I came from a windows mobile phone and I don't think I will ever go back. I'm pretty sure the BB will have a slightly better email app but that's to be expected since that's BB bread and butter. Give the Pre a try and if you don't like it just return it. You have 15 or 30 days.

    What do you think the BB can do that the Pre can't?
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    I've had the phone for almost 5 months now and had no problems....until about 2 weeks ago. Since then I've probably received over a dozen texts significantly late. I'm talking from 30-90 min late. All were from different carriers. I'm also in Manhattan and have very reliable service.

    The last straw was this morning when I failed to receive an important text and wound up commuting an hour for no reason. I went straight to Sprint Service and Repair and they claimed that after closing the 5 apps that I had open, the texts appeared. I explained that for 5 months I've kept the same apps open without issue. They shrugged.
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    To be honest, I have seen complaints about every carrier with delays in text messaging. The reports seem sporadic.
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    I've only seen delays texts/sms/mms in older phones that cross carriers that contain pictures. I've yet to get that with my Pre but again, I don't think it's just one particular phone as opposed to various causes within the carriers themselves and how they cross one another with data transfer.

    Texts seem be fine, so long as they don't contain pics/vids, etc.
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    Thanks for all the input everybody, im going to give it a shot but I have to figure out how to get out of my Vzw contract first. I just moved and had no idea that their coverage would be this bad in my apt. Funny thing is the minute I walk outside its fine. In any case though it would be different if I wasn't paying as much as I am but I believe for the money they are getting I shouldn't have to walk outside every time I want to use my phone. I think thats a good reason to be released in order to find a carrier that won't have that problem. I'll be talking to Sprint a few days though for sure. As long as there aren't any inter-carrier issues it'll all be good. I'm hoping I can convince my wife to swap over to the Pre or at least a Tour because of my Sprint discount. She has been hounding me for a new phone with a data plan lol. Thanks everybody again though and if anybody else has anything feel free to send me a message or something.
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    I have maybe 1 out of 100 text seen a delay greater than a few minutes. Practically every text comes within 1 minute of the time it was sent. With that said, I have friends on AT&T, verizon, might be some on others and they all have at one time or another complained about text delays. So this appears to be a problem on all carriers and appears to be random. I assume it may have to do with server loads and perhaps like the internet there can be congestion that causes delays with the traffic.
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    I can confirm that this is most definitely an issue.

    I was been a long time customer of Sprint (over 8 years), who jumped to AT&T last December, and just came back to Sprint a few weeks ago. The primary reason I left Sprint was due to the nuisance of the text messaging delay. The vast majority of texts will go through within 30 seconds to a minute, but I have seen significant delays on text as well (5-90 minutes). For some reason, it seems to happen more regularly after 10PM CST. I've had this issue in texting both Sprint and non-Sprint customers.

    I attempted to research this issue last year, and found very little conclusive information. The best I could find at the time, was some information indicating that this is a Sprint-wide infrastructure issue, regarding how their networks handle SMS, and that nothing could be done about it. I elected to try a GSM provider, and while I had no texting issues (except when the recipient was on Sprint), AT&T's 3G was terrible, which is why I came back to Sprint.

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