I have been having a good experience with Sprint down here in Port Charlotte, FL. There have been many things that have happened along the way, but I can tell you that the people at the kiosk in the Town Center Mall have done great things for me.

The most recent thing is with my daughter's phone - she has been away for the summer as a camp counselor, and her old phone crashed partway through. She wanted a new phone, and after looking at all of the options, she asked if she could get a Pre like mine. We checked it out and were able to have them send her one up there at camp, but somehow she lost the shipping order that came with it, which is needed for the $100 rebate.

I went by the Sprint kiosk today, and they took the number off the Pre box and were able to print up a new shipping order, so we can send off for the rebate. Things like this restore my faith in Sprint.

Good job, guys in Port Charlotte!