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    We received our first bill for the new plan that I had to switch to with the Pre.
    Previous Family Plan: $69.99 a month
    New Everything Family Plan: $129.99 a month

    We switched on July 3, which means we had already paid the $69.99 for the month of July and used 2 days of that old plan.

    The bill had the new prorated charges for the everything plan: $121.32.
    Which if you do the math: $129.99 / 30 days = $4.33 per day. Then, 28 days X $4.33 = $121.32 (yes, July has 31 days, but according to rep. they use 30 days for each month)

    They then have a prorated charge of -$55.52.
    Now, if you do the same math: $69.99 / 30 days = $2.33 per day. Then 28 days X $2.33 = $65.32 credit.

    Discrepancy of $9.80.

    I attempted to explain this on the phone and was not able to get the rep. to comprehend. So I went into the store and talked to an associate there. Showed her my calcs. etc, she understood, took out her calculator and did it herself. She then called the service line explained to the guy the issue. He said, "well I don't feel like taking my calculator out, so I will credit the account for $10."

    Some people may say, "dang, talk about nickel and dime-ing." But, Sprint's math is perfect for the amount that I owe them (121.32), but for the amount that they owe me its wrong. Just imagine if they under-credited 100,000 people $10 who changed their plans, that's a easy $1,000,000 in their pockets.

    Moral: double check your prorated credits & charges.
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    Thanks for pointing this out others need to be aware
    when I purchased my PRE I added a second line and gave my Brother my treo pro
    okay that was june 6th. Then the bill in the middle of june was for a normal one line 450 everything with insurance and taxes.
    but the one in the middle of july was a little more than expected sure I knew of the activation fee and such, but the bill was $250/260.($129.99 1500 everything data) I thought something was off and now that I have seen this I am gonna go back and redo the math

    When I go to a store and my bill is a few cents off I point this out. Yea I know its not gonna make or break ME, but like above points out when you add in thousands of people getting cheated 10cents 1dollar 10dollars..etc it adds up and companies I feel do this on purpose or if on accident they don't in turn pass on the unearned money back onto the customer, because you know when they do the books and they end up having extra money they must know why! error on part of the company!
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    Always, check your bill. I've had stuff added to my account before that I've never requested. ES always fixes the problem though.
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    I also thought my 1st bill should have been roughly $10 less based on my calculations. I called a Sprint rep to discuss and received no clear explanation or correction.

    Everyone check your 1st bill and do your own math! There may be more to this story...
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    dont they bill you for the first month and the extra month on your first bill ?
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    ahh yes, this is Sprint's worst area of customer service IMO. It took me 3 months to get my bill correct on my last contract. Hope this upgrade is not as bad.
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    This isn't just a Sprint thing, any cell phone company will kick in the extra few dollars here and there. A large percentage of people dont look over their bill if it's within $5-$10 of the previos month. IME with Sprint they always do right by me, if i tell them there are over charges or problems with my bill the quickly give me a credit back to the account in most cases in excess..($16 mistake they give a $25 credit)

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