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    I cannot get calls while romaing. If someone calls me it goes right to VM or rings for a bit then goes to VM but I never see anything on my pre. I still have a good data roaming connection just not voice, and I can make calls just fine. Sprint CS has been useless on this, they have tried every type of reset and insist its my phone but I call BS. Thoughts?
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    I was in roam last night as well as a friend, tried to make a call and got a Verizon message asking us for a credit card # to finish the call, I don't think it's your phone.
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    Just got off the phone with advanced tech support, they have a ticket in to the engineers. They found it comical that 1st level tech support thought it was the phone. I'll keep everyone posted, anyone else having roaming troubles?
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    IIRC, if you are receiving data on a 1x stream, all calls go to voicemail while you are receiving the data. OTOH, if you have a data connection in EVDO, a call can ring through to your phone while receiving data.

    Maybe while you are roaming you are getting only a 1x data connection, and your Pre happens to be receiving data when someone calls, which would dump them to voicemail.

    It may seem like I am doing nothing, but on a cellular level I'm really quite busy.
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    Can't make calls, receive calls, or send/receive any data while roaming

    I get the VZW CS message and then get connected to American Roaming and asked for a credit card or PIN. Prior to today, I was fine to make/receive calls and data when on Sprint network or when roaming (on Verizon as they have a tower right near the office).

    This is really bad. My phone is now a brick with a pretty screen when I'm at work.

    Just spend 20 minutes on the phone with Sprint service, they told me they are sending techs out to fix the sprint towers... my only response was "And then I will be able to roam on a Verizon tower again?"

    I hope this gets resolved soon but I'm not confident.

    Edit: As of 1:30 PM, the issue seems to have been resolved.
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    Our company's Sprint rep came out with a Pre and let us use it for a month back when it first came out. We had problems with the signal in the middle of the building. The phone would start roaming, yet we could not get any data or voice. When making outbound calls, we also received the Verizon message as noted in one of the posts above, but it then ended the call. The Sprint rep could not fix the issue and wanted us to install a signal booster in the building.

    We all stood there with our AT&T and Verizon phones getting nearly full signals and despite the beauty and superior form factor of the Pre, decided to say "no thanks". We'll wait until it comes to AT&T or Verizon.

    I am tempted to give it another try, but my better judgment says that we'll run into the same issue. If it's an issue with a nearby tower, how do you get that fixed? Moreover, when the Sprint rep was here, he was using a Blackberry and a regular flip phone and they worked fine for voice. I seem to recall that his data connection on the Blackberry was not working consistently once he starting walking towards the center of the building.
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    Issue resolved itself late yesterday afternoon. Guess my phone fixed itself
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    Same here, where are you located?

    I'm in southeastern Pennsylvania, I think I was roaming on a VZW tower and they were doing maintenance so I didn't get connected. Sprint has yet to call me back and say they did anything, and the issue is resolved so I'm guessing it was Verizon doing mainenance

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