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    I ordered my Pre online through the Sprint website and when I received it, I noticed that it had the slight oero twist everyone is talking about. If I would want to have my pre replaced with a new one within the 30 days, would I be able to replace it at a Sprint store, or would I have to mail it back to Sprint for replacement?

    Thanks in advance!
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    do you have pictures of this, im getting mine in the mail tomorrow and want to know what to look for!
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    I don't have any pictures or the twist, but I will direct you to this thread of people discussing the twist:
    ~ht~tp:// (minus tildes scattered in it)
    If this doesn't answer your question, try searching for things like "loose slider" or "oero effect".

    The amount of twist in my pre isn't that bad, but I would like to know what options I have in getting a replacement while under the 30 day period.
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    Hi this is my first post but I visit this site regularly...I ordered 3 palm pres the day it became available online and one had the oreo twist. It was manageable but got irritating for my gf after 2 weeks so I went a local sprint store. They said its not a defect and would not replace it without charging a 35 dollar restocking fee. I argued with them but they wouldnt do anything so I just said change my pre to the blackberry tour and have the restocking fee billed to my account.

    After my gf got the tour...I waited for my bill to be posted online which is before hte 30 day policy and I called up Sprint Retentions..

    I explained to them that the store wouldnt acknowledge that the pre oreo was a defect and that they were very rude. I also told them a lie and said that the manager said they wont take out the restockign fee and if I wanted it to be taken off the account I would have to call retentions..They were really nice and said they would remove the fee, which they did so My suggestion would go to sprint store and try to exchange it without a fee but if thts not possible take the fee to the account and call retentions to remove it.
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    Thanks for the info good sir!
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    i just got my pre today and it moves a little but im guessing the amount is norml due to the design
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    if you are nice to the Sprint Reps on the phone they help you out. I was inside 30 days and had the powering off due to the loose battery problem. They overnighted me a replacement and had me ship back the old phone in a return envelope.

    Very easy. Have your web order number ready.

    edit: I should say that they had me pay $199 up front until the old pre was returned. Then they credited to my account $199 when they received the phone. its kinda nice paying 4 months of my bill up front. no worries until 2010!

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