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    just got this email from sprint...
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    I just received this as well
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    I'm hoping they ( staff) will post an article explaining what this means to all of us Sprint users.
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    I submitted a claim as a current customer who stayed with Sprint at one point to avoid paying ETF. I was given the option of receiving a $35 check or 30 anytime minutes for a year. I think if you actually paid an ETF you might be eligible for more.
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    ETF's are becoming a thing of the past, basically.

    I wish I could get my AT&T ETF back.
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    Today I received an email from sprint at with subject "Early Termination Fee Legal Notice" and the following message:




    Judy Larson, et al. v. Sprint Nextel Corp., Sprint Spectrum, L.P.
    and Nextel Finance Co.,Case No.: 2:07-cv-05325-JLL-ES (USDC, DNJ)


    Your rights may be affected by a proposed class action Settlement of
    claims against Sprint, Nextel and/or Sprint Nextel. The Settlement
    would resolve lawsuits in which plaintiffs allege that the Sprint,
    Nextel and/or Sprint Nextel flat rate early termination fee ("ETF")
    is illegal or was illegally charged. Plaintiffs brought this suit
    on their own behalf and on behalf of all Sprint, Nextel or Sprint
    Nextel subscribers who entered into a personal fixed-term subscriber
    agreement for a Wireless Service Account for personal or mixed
    business/personal use, with Sprint, Nextel and/or Sprint Nextel
    between July 1, 1999 and December 31, 2008. Sprint Nextel denies the
    allegations. Sprint Nextel has agreed to pay $14 million into a
    common fund to be distributed pursuant to the Settlement benefit
    rules set forth in the Settlement Agreement. Sprint Nextel has also
    agreed to provide qualified Settlement Class Members up to $3.5
    million in Non-Cash Benefits. Sprint Nextel has also agreed to not
    insert a flat-rate ETF provision into its customer service agreements
    for personal wireless service in the U.S. until January 1, 2011, but
    may charge a pro-rated ETF during this time period. The Settlement
    will release all claims that customers may have against Sprint,
    Nextel and/or Sprint Nextel relating in any way to its flat-rate ETFs
    and term contracts, and will bar future claims, unless the individual
    excludes him/herself from the Settlement. To receive a benefit under
    the Settlement, you must timely complete and submit a Claim Form. You
    may obtain complete information about the Settlement (including a
    Long Form Notice) and a Claim Form, and information about deadlines,
    by visiting (precentral doesn't let me post the url here), telephoning 1-800-916-6940,
    or writing the Sprint ETF Settlement Administrator, c/o Gilardi &
    Co., PO Box 6002, Larkspur, CA 94977-6002. This settlement does not
    apply to Government or Corporate Accounts. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO
    exclude yourself or file an objection with the Court. To exclude
    yourself, you must mail a Request for Exclusion Form, postmarked no
    later than October 7, 2009 to Sprint ETF Settlement Administrator,
    c/o Gilardi & Co., PO Box 6002, Larkspur, CA 94977-6002. If you do
    not submit a written Request for Exclusion, you will be bound by the
    Final Judgment entered in the class action. To object to the
    settlement, you must file an objection with the Court by no later
    than October 7, 2009. The Court, located at 50 Walnut Street, Newark,
    New Jersey, will conduct a hearing on whether to approve the
    Settlement, and if so, will determine what fees and expenses should
    be awarded to class counsel. The hearing is presently scheduled for
    October 21, 2009, but may be changed. Any Settlement Class Member may
    enter an appearance with the Court through an attorney. If you have
    already submitted a claim form, or excluded yourself from the
    Settlement, you need not take any further action. Go to
    (no url allowed by precentral) or call 800.916.6940 for additional
    information. Please do not contact the Court or Sprint."


    Hase anybody else received it?

    If you know what does that represent/mean, please share it. Thank you!
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    Just got 1 an hour ago
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    I just got this e-mail and I don't understand what is that about Can somebody explain it to me?
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    I paid an ETF with nextel in 04' does this mean I will get it back ?

    I stayed with sprint earlier this year too to avoid an ETF and then I stayed for the Pre.


    I got the email too though
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbizlady View Post
    I just got this e-mail and I don't understand what is that about Can somebody explain it to me?
    It basically means that someone sued Sprint and Sprint is settling instead of pursuing in court. Sprint is setting up a $14million fund for payment to lawyers and class action members. A class action member is anyone who has had a fixed-term service agreement (i.e 2-yr contract) between July 1, 1999 and December 31, 2008.

    In the notice that I got with my bill, it says Corporate accounts are not eligible. I am not sure if that means that anyone with a corporate discount is excluded or not.

    If you want to be included in the settlement (the payment or service credit), you have to meet the eligibility requirements as I listed above, and fill out a claim form before the deadline.

    If you dont fill out the claim form, then you wont get anything. However, you will not be able to sue them on your own, outside of this case. If you want to sue them on your own regarding this matter (ETF's), you have to exclude yourself. To exclude yourself, you have to respond by filling out a specific form.

    I hope that helps a bit...I work in the Class Action/Ch 11 bankruptcy administration field, but I am NOT a lawyer.
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    Well I submitted some claims

    2 lines from back in 06 I paid ETFs to Nextel

    and the $35 from this year.
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    hmmm i wonder if that counts for me considering i have a 3rd party employee line. lol. jk...

    im sure there were plenty of peeps that wanted to cancell but didnt during that time period but didnt to save a couple hundred durring that time. i see a lot of people making the calls to customer care just to get 35 dollars....which to me is just stupid....35 dollars??? really??? doesnt even come close to compensating the cost for many people that paid thier bills for an extra X months to save 200 up front per line.

    however from sprints pov, im sure that gonna run em a nice chunk of change! 14 mill aint cheap!
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    i paid for one wen i opened my sprint account. (nextel 2006)apparently they say it was unpaid and i wanted the instinct SOOO i dropped close to four hundred for the ****stinct......

    wHERE DO I FILE A CLAIM??? lol
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    BMIC50 thank you for making this clearer. I was a lil confused at first
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    90bucks that if i do get....prolly ends up back to
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    I just filed online as well, however i didnt do it for the 35 dollar check, i filed because it actually happened to me, they wanted to charge me 250 ETF with only 3.5 months left cuz i wanted an iPhone. Ended up ordering a pre yesterday after realizing that apple and at&t charge far to much and are far to constrictive just because they can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melo View Post
    BMIC50 thank you for making this clearer. I was a lil confused at first
    You're welcome.

    Most class action lawsuits that end in settlements have a HUGE overhead (lawyers, mailing/noticing fees, even the costs of printing checks) so it will rarely be worth what you think it should be worth.

    You dont have to have paid a termination fee to file a claim.
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    tried the website and the telephone number both are not working. anyone else having this problem?
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    I just now enrolled in this. I might get a $90 check settlement hopefully.
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    To make it harder to cash in, the "letter" is actually a jpg file. No clickable links or copy and paste. It's just a tiny bit out of focus, and it uses small print.
    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

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