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    I currently have AT&T, but seriously cannot wait for them to release a GSM version. I have no contract with AT&T & have always bought my phones outright, in order to avoid a commitment.

    My question is, if I buy myself a Pre off ebay or somewhere else with no contract, can I setup service with Sprint without having to sign a 1 or 2 year commitment, seeing as though I did not purchase the phone through them at a subsidised price?

    I know with AT&T, even if you have bought an iPhone outright, they force a 2 year contract for iPhone, no matter if you got a phone with them or not. Just wondering if Sprint has the same kind of system for the Pre...
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    If you purchase a Sprint phone for full price from Sprint, or from Best Buy, or even off of eBay, you will be able to activate on their network without a contract. You will need to get the appropriate plan, and pay that price monthly, but you won't be tied into a time commitment. I've done it with other phones. I would suggest you activate it in a Sprint store, and get the insurance on it.

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