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    Hey guys,
    Well I made the switch and so far its great! One minor glitch. I was at best buy for over 3 and half hours. The port went through fine I can make and receive calls. Now, the major glitch is that I can't receive texts from anybody. I can send one to myself and get it just fine. But, if someone sends me a text I never get it. I can send to anyone on any carrier and it goes through fine. Also, when I try to dial my voicemail it says "we are sorry, this number is not a working number". The mobile guy at best buy went to tech II level support and they said they would call me back. This is really frustrating! Besides that the phone is great!
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    Glad to see you bought the Pre!

    Once you accept the fact that the phone is still Beta'ish, you'll be fine.
    Good luck with that voicemail problem. I haven't heard of any such problem.

    @arnelgonce: I see that you don't want to put lots of bloatware on your computer just so you can get ringtones.
    I don't like advertising, but this website is great:
    It's free and you don't have to sign up or anything. Just simply download it to your ringtones folder on your Pre (USB Mode) and it's usable!
    They have simple ringtones and beeps, which I think are the best.

    Also, I hope you stay with the Pre through these early times. I hope you've noticed the mass potential of WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arnelgonce View Post
    I am totally confused as to why the ringers are an issue (they include eight someodd ringers and that is it and you can't get other ones, unless of course you are willing to spend the time to download other software so you can create your own, again, the phone is a top dollar phone, I shouldn't have to do that)....
    Arnel, I guess you just didn't know to check the folders in your Pre when you connect it to your computer in USB storage mode.

    There is a "ringtones" folder in there with all the ringtones in it. If you don't like the stock ringtones, go ahead and delete them. If you have any mp3 file you want to use as a ringtone, put it in that folder, and you can then choose it from your settings.

    If you don't even want to fiddle with dropping files into folders, then go ahead to the list of ringtones, there's a button on the left bottom that lets you add any song from your music library.

    That's really easy and open, no?
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