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    Love my Palm Pre. The software is fantastic. However. I just noticed a crack near the USB port and wanted to exchange it. I use a Touchstone, so I have no idea how it got there. Anyway, the rep on the phone said since I was WAY past 30 days, they would not exchange it. I got it July1.

    You know what? They can bite me. I understand a policy is a policy. But I'm paying the $200 ETF and leaving. They lost out on $70 a month from me over a faulty $200 phone. If they're not smart enough to figure that out, they don't deserve my business.

    I LOVE this community and will continue to check it out. But it's back to T-Mobiile and my jailbroken iPhone...
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    Don't let the door hit you.
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    There is a reason anyone that really uses a $500 phone pays $7 a month for insurance. ou just don't have to deal with this stuff.
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    Oh, I won't. Once the Pre is on Verizon or T-Mobile, I'll walk back through the door. This phone is amazing.

    If the crack had stayed tiny, not a big deal. ibut it now runs up the side of the and vertically about an inch from top to bottom. At this rate, by the end of the weekend, the entire right side of the phone is going to fall off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runsenorun View Post
    I just noticed a crack near the USB port and wanted to exchange it. I use a Touchstone, so I have no idea how it got there. ...
    Don't deal with the morons over the phone. Go to a Sprint store.

    There are many ways and levels on dealing with Sprint. Unfortunately you chose the least effective. Don't just give up on a first-phone-call to -1 tier support (yes, I refer this as "minus 1" support). Escalate you issue immediately beyond the next level or to cancellations. However, I would try the Sprint fact try several if they exist locally for you.

    Put it this way, if Sprint's support was so good and competent, there'd be no price advantage and we would be paying AT&T/VZW rates....there's always a trade off....
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    Why don't you call Tech Support Tier 2? The phone is under Manufacturers Warranty, and the phone is 36 days old. Even without TEP, they might be able to do an advanced exchange for you. An issue like that, we can't break policy to resolve the issue.
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    I bought insurance for the first time. Never bothered with any other Sprint phones but with the comments about pixels, oreo, and light, I thought with what I paid its worth it to be safe. Picked it up 2 days ago.
    Love the phone!
    Also you still have the Palm 1 year warranty. I know thats not much of a condolence. Hope it works out for you.
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    If you knew how to work Sprint, you could have brought the TEP plan for $7 a month anytime.. even after 30 days or whatever.
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    From the perspective of the company side of things physical damage is almost always abuse and not defect. Over the phone will not diagnose if the damage is abuse or defect. Physically inspecting the device to see a pattern in the type of damage is pretty much the only way to identify it as defect. But unless they have enough cases to reach that identified pattern for defect from their perspective it is abuse even if it wasn't. I work in retail and daily people lie to fraud the company to get what they want. As a retailer it is nearly impossible to identify one who isn't lieing if there is no observed pattern to prove the damage is defect. If the damage is indeed not abuse locate a sprint store with repair center to deal with in repairing or replacing it. Be courteous and work with them to identify it as defect.
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    I don't believe this is physical abuse. I have the same crack in the same location. I have never dropped my phone. I also use a Touchstone but I do charge through the USB port too.

    If the crack keeps spreading I will need a new phone and I won't pay my $100 deductable either. You aren't alone.
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