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    Hi all, new member here, just describing an encounter with Sprint yesterday.

    I'm a current Sprint customer. I wanted a Pre and called customer service to see if I was eligible for any discounts on the phone. The rep I spoke with told me I was eligible for $150 upgrade discount, and that price would be taken off of the internet price of $199. Needless to say, I was very excited, as this means I'd get the phone for $49 (after all rebates, including mail-in).

    So, i go to a sprint store to get the phone, and they tell me that whoever I spoke with was mistaken, that they would never sell the phone for that price. So I ended up not getting the phone and leaving the store, and immediately got back on the phone with customer service. They confirmed that what the previous rep told me was wrong, that the price is $199 no matter what and that they don't discount it.

    Anyone out there experience anything like this? Was the rep just mistaken, or is this some sort of bait and switch sales tactic?

    Thanks for reading, J
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    The $199 price is the price with the $150 upgrade discount already taken into account. The rep you spoke to that said it would be $49 was mistaken.

    I don't think it was an intentional bait and switch but just unfortunately a screwup on sprint's part.
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    if it sounds too good to be true....well, you know the rest....
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    Anyone else have this happen to them?
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    No, I think it is pretty clear on both the web site and in the stores. Even at $199, the phone is worth it.
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    full retail of the phone is 549.99 then you get a 150 credit for signing a 2yr contract, and a 100 dollar instant rebate for a 2yr contract, and a 100 dollar mail in making its final cost befor tax and after the mail in 200. your prob gonna pay something like 315 or 320 in store and getting 100 back in the mail
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    Many new Sprint employees don't quite understand the whole "$150 upgrade discount" thing. I had the same problem when I first started working for Radio Shack years ago. The $150 comes off the full price of the phone $550, not the upgrade price $200 (after rebates and discounts).

    I actually wish they would stop saying "$150 upgrade discount" altogether since it simply muddles the pricing when customers look at our price tags. A better term would be "Full upgrade discount" versus "No discount" or "One Year Discount".
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    Even Let's Talk which is selling the phone for $99 bucks is for new customers only. Way to go to attack new business from existing customers.
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    if it's the Reps fault at sprint and you can prove she actually gave you that price, i think they should give you that price as it is like a "pricing error" and their fault, not yours...
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    I got my Pre for $99 since Best Buy made a huge mistake. The day after I bought it for $199 my hubby got an RSS feed that said it was on sale for $99. Knowing that the phone production cost was more than that we went to BB and asked if it were too good to be true.

    Sure enough the guy in the mobile phone department said it was some promotional price and they gave me $100 refund to my credit card as per their price guarantee policy. The next day I went back to the store to get a skin for it and a different guy told me it was a mistake and I was lucky.

    Fortunately, some companies keep promises and that is why I do not shop for anything at an actual Sprint store. I have had too many problems with them in the past. If there were a way for you to prove that a Sprint employee quoted you the $49 price I would go raise hell. I just don't think there is. Heck, in my experience, they would probably say you were lying even if they all witnessed it.
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    I've heard that one before. You do know online websites who have pricing errors on their webpage, reserve the right to not honor the pricing, right?

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