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    Man, what a potential killer combo.

    So Sprint already has the Pre and is rumored to be getting the HTC Hero in October.

    So smart! Two of the biggest competitor to the iPhone and they're on Sprint!

    I love that I switched to this carrier!
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    Yea I'm happy that the phone lineup seems to get better and better, the Pre, Tour, and soon the Hero and Touch Pro 2!
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    This lineup will BLOW AT&T out of the water.

    AT&T is going to lose alot of buisness soon if they dont stop being soo Nazi when it comes to what apps YOU can use on YOUR phone. To me the iphone is a toy, The Pre is an well rounded powerhouse.

    Heard MMS is coming soon and their going to charge for it. My buddie thats a big iphone fan acted like its no big deal to pay ATT way more money than me for my everything plan and no big deal to pay for MMS. Has ATT brainwashed their customers ?
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    same with verizon, Verizon used to charge you to turn on your bluetooth (which is a hardware module that comes with the phone no matter what!)

    how ridiculous is that? Sprint is the cell phone company that considers the customer better than other cell phone companies....

    on my sprint Q9C they HAVE A TETHERING APP!!!

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    Yeah, especially with the Google stuff being rejected on the iPhone.
    I have a feeling over the next year Sprint will see a LOT more customers come over.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I agree getting some top end phones will certainly help Sprint, but unfortunately I think it’s going to take much more then that to turn things around. Sprint has a lot of things going for it like a solid network, attractive pricing and now better phone selection yet they continue to bleed customers at a staggering pace. I have been a Sprint customer for years and still believe they offer the best bang for the buck hands down. However; I know lots of former Sprint subscribers that have vowed never to return no matter what Sprint offers. I think the negative image that has become associated with the Sprint brand is just too pronounced to overcome. Personally I would love to see them self off their IDEN assets and focus on their core CDMA network and also re-branding with a new name would certainly help to reshape their image, just my 2 cents. At any rate I hope Sprint can pull itself out of the perpetual tailspin they seem to be in because they do have a lot to offer.

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