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    Gotta love people who blame the customer for Sprint's customer service woes which are well known throughout the industry. Certainly, some people create some of their own problems but that's a red herring in the case of discussing Sprint's lackluster performance compared to other carriers which enjoy a lower churn rate despite having higher prices than Sprint. I'm sure Sprint would LOVE to raise prices, but due to their problems attracting/keeping customers, they don't DARE.
    This message single-handedly proves that you have never worked in any customer-service related industry, I doubt you've even worked retail.

    Furthermore, every comment you've made shows that you had ill-intentions on this forum to begin with. I can only assume you're just antagonizing for the sake of it, or in internet-speak, "trolling".
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    It's nice hearing some positive customer service experiences! We deal with the worst of the worst where I'm at, and I am glad we are finally making some noise out there! Thanks to all for being Sprint customers!
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    I sent an email the other day to a district manager for someone @ a store giving me STELLAR service.

    Hopefully you guys get a bonus or atleast a "good job" from someone !
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1812dave View Post
    While your service from Sprint was exemplary, how do you feel about the build quality of Pre's? I mean, just look around the forum for endless posts about dead pixels and other issues, prompting many forum posters to complain (or boast) of getting 4 and 5 Pre's. Wouldn't it make you happier to own a quality product, rather then relying on Sprint's largess to keep you in new Pre's??
    It would be interesting to compare how many iPhones were returned for defects/problems as compared to the Pre. A product with such a high rate of returns like the Pre points more towards manufacturing and materials problems more than concept and design.

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    I can't remember the last time I talk to a customer service rep on the phone. Actually I'm kinda suprised that they haven't called me to see how I was doing. lol. I mean, I pay my bill evey month, and the bill is always correct so I don't see a point of calling them. Hell the last time I talked to a rep at the sprint store was when I bought the Pre on release day and before that it was when I got the Instinct on its release date. I think we have an understanding between us, it's the "you don't mees up my bill or my service and I won't bother you and pay for the service".
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    Can't really comment on CSR, but their wireless services are great! Cheap and I basically get VZW network when I need to in roaming stage.
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    I just bought a Pre a week ago to give it a test run. I currently own an iPhone and was looking for a more affordable option. As long as the coverage is good and the
    Pre fills the needs I'm willing to change.

    I have heard bad things about Sprint in the past so I was leery to try it. Well I'm very pleased. I just traveled for work this week so I was able to give it a good run for the money. I was surprised to find that on my whole ride the Pre never lost it's EVDO connection. NEVER! When I travel with my iPhone it would switch to the EDGE network for almost the whole trip. This was great for the files I receive and downloading them for viewing. Not to mention Pandora and surfing the web. I also had a strong signal almost everywhere. Where I stay the at&t service is very week so much so that it will get no service for periods of time.

    In addition, my cost of service from Sprint will be almost $100 less a month than at&t thanks to their pricing and discount for my wife working in the health care industry.

    So, one week in, I'm pretty happy. Lets see how my vacation goes next week.

    BTW, the Pre is good too.
    Go Bucks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgardner View Post
    So I left sprint about 6 years ago because of bad SERVICE. I <<edited by berd>> HATE OUR LOCAL CORP STORE!!

    So I had my Palm Pre for about 60 days now! So I went to TN for vacation and to see my brother for his 29th birthday! (Went to the rockstar fest in ALT GA! HAIL SLAYER AND MANSON!)

    About half way through the trip I notice a dead pixel in the MIDDLE of the damn screen! So I was pissed! I was past the 30 day peroid. So I when I got back I decided to head RIGHT to the corp store the next day! So I went in READY to fight with the store to DEMAND A NEW PRE.....

    So I got there.....and I tld them what I would and I was about 60 days with the Pre...The woman looked at me and I was ready to fight for it...But I did not have too...She looked up my number on the phone number with the account and she told me "We can get you a new one. It will be here tomorrow" I was speechless. I sat there nodding my head just saying "Alright then..." She then looked at the order and looked to me sorta upset. She goes "The bad news is it wont be here tomorrow. They are on back order." So I said "Alright" She then took my phone over to her manager and she came back and told me. "We are going to give you a new one". I WAS JUMPING FOR JOY! So she pulled out a box and turned it on and she told me to log into my palm profile and the phone will be good to go!

    So I get home that night. I logged into the phone and ALL my contacts and apps downloaded them self! The bad news is.....This Pre had dead pixels too...At first I was gonna deal with it. Then while going to bed I layed there thinking I want my old Pre back. That dead pixel wasnt so bad. The new one had 3-4 dead pixels. So I wake up and go into the store prepairing to ask for my old phone.

    So I asked for my old phone and the lady looked at me funny and said "You want a BROKEN PRE?". I said "No but the pixels on that one are not as bad" She took the new phone outta my hands and looked at it. She then goes "Yup I see your dead pixels" I then just nod. She goes into the back and comes out with a box. I thought it was my old one and I thanked her for my old Pre. She then opens the box and laughs at me and says "WE WONT SEND YOU HOME WITH A BROKEN PRE! WE WANT YOU TO HAVE THE BEST PHONE POSSIBLE!". I then laughed and she made me check this phone. I have now had it for 2 days and its PREFECT!

    I switched companies from Verizon back to sprint. My phone went on my parents contact so it only cost me $20 a month to use it with her family plan. I figured Id deal with back service from the store to save my self $100 a month. (Verizon is around $120 a month for one phone for me....) Boy was I wrong.....Thats what a new store manager can do.....I now love sprint customer service.
    Thats great man I am glad to hear that your exchange experiences were good ones!!

    I my self have had to swap my pre twice and I am now on my 3rd pre (a perfect one by the way) and all of my exchange experiences have been all great!!

    I my self have went into the sprint store ready for "battle" but it was never necessary
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