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    Anybody else leave Verizon early? I only had a few months left on my contract, s my ETF won't be too bad, but I just haven't gotten a bill. I've sent them two e-mails asking them what's up. I'm just nervous that they're not going to send me the bill, and then slap me with collections notices or something. Anybody else run into this problem? Or anybody else who canceled a contract? If so, how'd you pay your ETF? Thanks.
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    I also did not receive a final bill. I had to call and request the amount. I also was told that even though they showed my line was terminated, that I would need to call back in so many days to wait for the final adjustment to be made. My final total amount due when all was said and done was about $445 for two lines, eight months into the contract. I would call them if I were you to avoid any confusion.

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