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    Today I received my second phone call from sprint asking how I liked the service.

    They reviewed my plan to make sure I had the right one ( 4k text, 2100 minutes, and 4 gigs of data last month on the simply everything plan), which I did to her delight.

    I switched to sprint June 9th from Verizon, in my 8 years with verizon I never once received a phone call asking how things were going. I am very pleased so far with sprint and my Pre.
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    Having been with sprint for the better part of a decade, I can attest to the incredible improvements they've made in the last two years. To avoid kicking the hornets' nest, I'm not saying Sprint is perfect, but the people in the store were friendly and helpful when I bought the pre, and resolved a rebate issue immediately with a credit to my account for the full rebate. It appears they are recognizing the total value of my relationship with them (what is 120 months of cell phone plus data run these days?).

    Many people still have issues with them, but until Sprint does something to irk me, I have no reason to leave. Well, until I want an iPhone, too, I suppose. Keep the WebOS fresh Palm and Sprint!
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    I've only been with Sprint a little over two years, but have noticed an incredible turnaround in that short of a period. They aren't perfect, but then what company is.

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