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    I've heard here and there about a Pick 5 plan on Sprint with unlimited calling to 5 numbers. I would LOVE this but when I've called Sprint in the past week and ask if there's anything like "fave 5" from t-mobile (I didn't learn the name "Pick 5" until today) they say they don't have anything like it. Then I got someone to mention that there was a promotion like that that ended last month or something. Anyone know the real scoop on this or how I can get it on my plan? Thanks!
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    Retentions group is the only place you can get this done. I imagine it will be part of future plans, but as of right now, they use it to retain customers.
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    After porting a couple numbers from T-Mobile to Sprint, I called customer service and asked about canceling my to do it, ETFs, etc. The CR asked if I was thinking about canceling and why. I told him that we missed the MyFave feature from T-Mobile and were thinking of switching back. He said Sprint can do that also. So he took down five different numbers for each line on the account.

    Haven't had a problem at all.

    You can change the numbers as often as you like, but the changes don't go into effect until the next billing cycle.

    It may be worth a shot for you, even if you're not really going to follow through on canceling. I simply asked about the termination procedures/details and then the representative asked why I wanted to know. That'll open the door to slip in the MyFaves feature that you miss/desire.
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    I just signed up for it. All I did was call retentions and boom easliy added today. All you say is that you were thinking about moving to another carrier. This is going to save me so much money.

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