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    Verizon Profit Drops 21%; Carrier Plans 8,000 Job Reductions

    This kind of surprised me.

    Verizon Profit Drops 21%; Carrier Plans 8,000 Job Reductions -
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    The dedicated, only the Apps WE say you can have, App Store will certainly help with this.
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    I think its crap that a company is still MAKING money during these hard times and they are laying off 8000 people.... The execs will most likely get a larger bonus too.
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    It's Verizon- NOT verizon wireless. 2 different things.

    they dont break it out clearly in the report what the Wireless side did.

    The wire side is a dying thing so it's not totally surprising. All the large plain old telephone companies have issues as people drop lines in favor of cell phones or VOIP from cable (or others). Att I'm sure also has issues. Sprint hated their wireline business so badly they basically threw it away when they hooked up with nextel.

    Verizon to Cut 8,000 More Jobs, Posts Lower Profit -

    Verizon Communications Inc. posted a 21% decline in its second-quarter profit as it suffered from a pullback in business spending, but was propped up by the continued strength of its wireless business.
    I really do think it's evil to lay anyone off at the moment if you are profitable- take one for the team and let the people leave by attrition. But apparently they axed 8,000 last year too.

    At some point you would think the new non-union hires at Fios and Verizon Wireless would offset the layoffs in the wireline business.
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    Verizon never had a good phone lineup, and while FIOS is sweet, it's about $20-40 a month more than my Time Warner. I know a lot of people hate TW but I've had no problems with it and at 10Mbs download consistently off peak (when I browse/DL) and 5-7Mbs peak, I am very happy. Phone is good, works well with my fax machine (I work from home) or I'd cancel the phone all together and just go cell to save even more.

    Verizon cost to benefit ratio is way off IMO both land and cell.

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