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    Hello to all i need some serious help fast with some good reasons for your replies. I have an upgrade on my sprint line and i previously had the bb 8330 curve which i chose to upgrade for the palm pre. the deal is this, I purchased the device at walmart so I can only choose from their selection or lose my upgrade. My 30 days are up about a week before walmart might be getting the tour. My pre has the oreo twisting thing with it so im going this morning to either exchange it or get me another bb 8330. My original bb i gave to my wife so i dont have that anymore, but heres the deal the pre is nice, ive managed to set it to get great battery life and the os is amazing. The BB curve is the old 4.5 os and its a solid phone however it is outdated but it is free and the pre cost me $200. Three of my 4 lines end their contract in 8 months and im looking to move my service to cricket for cost purposes and I know the bb 8330 can be fully flashed right now but the pre cannot. Should i get another pre and kinda wish for the best with its build quality or just get another 8330 and get my $200 back. One of my thoughts was to get another pre and maybe hope to trade someone down the line for a tour. I dont want to lose my upgrade but i dont know which to choose. I know this is a BB site but please try to be as unbiased as possible. Any info would be appreciated.
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    If you really want the Tour, do a 30 day exchange on the Pre citing the slider is defective, then in a few weeks go back and exchange it for the Tour. The replacement unit restarts your 30 days.
    The Tour is not an amazing upgrade from the 8330, it's just a nice new model with some software/hardware updates. And the Tour is $200 just like the Pre.

    Cricket? Really? You do understand it's not a national carrier and your coverage is limited?
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