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    I was wondering when sprint will officially release their sales figures for the pre during july. I have heard that if they don't sell at least 55,000 units per week, the exclusivity agreement will be broken and the pre may go to verizon. I am waiting for this to happen so i can get it. I have been looking around and have only found estimates of how many pres per week have been sold the past weeks of july and they are well below the 55,000 mark. So does anyone know when sprint or palm will be releasing the official figures because i am really anxious to see if the phone will be on verizon sooner than next year because i am sick of waiting for it!
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    Can't sell something we don't have. A huge number of Sprint stores still cannot stock the Pre. My store still has 15+ people on our waiting list, and another 50+ who have inquired about us having the Pre and chosen not to go on the waiting list.

    If Palm had more supply we'd sell more units I assure you.
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    Too many of these threads. Rumor and speculation. Sprint may or may not be selling a ton of these, and their sales may or may not be tied into the exclusivity agreement.

    Verizon may get the Pre, but my guess is that they will not. WebOs is in the cards for Verizon, but Pre is not.

    Again though, this is all rumor and obsene speculation.

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