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    Who else feels like its an uphill battle anytime you have to call CS for a legit reason ?

    Im posting my story in hopes it will help one of you out.

    My USB Data Stick went to standby 8 months ago cause I moved from an area with full EVDO to an area where it didnt work at all and where I had ONE bar for cell service with my motoQ

    Fast Forward to now, Bought a PRE, Sprint gave me an Airave to help with signal @ my home. Since I had none pretty much. Had the Airave about 3 weeks now and Its awesome !

    $77 in Charges showed up on this months bill for the USB Data Stick. I felt this wasnt fair due to I couldnt even use it if I wanted to. When I purchased the plan it was "Unlimited" now it is capped @ "5GB a Month" Yea, I would use all of that in 3 days. Keep in mind that USB Data Stick is for my desktop.

    After getting advice from the guys in the "Ask a Rep" thread I found I was in the right and went after this yesterday.

    On my checklist was this :
    ** Cancel Data Card no ETF

    ** Get charges for data card take off

    ** Possible credit for the 80 dropped calls Ive had this month(thankfully its only in one general area)

    Let me also say, yelling at CS will never get you anywhere but being nice is always a plus, its not the reps fault dont be mad at them.

    1st call

    They credited me for the dropped calls $30 Thanks !

    After talking with Acct Services they didnt want to cancel my line on the USB Data Stick even though I told them no service in my area, they stated "Sir im showing your in a "good" area. I told the girl if I was in a good area I wouldnt need a Airave for my Pre would I ?

    She then transferred my call to her "Manager" who would determine to wave the ETF or not. I got a voicemail, and left a message. 3 Hours later no call back. So I decided to call again.

    2nd Call

    At this time I was greeted by a guy who stated he wanted to solve my unresolved issue with "this one call" I told him the situation. He once again stated I was in a "good" area and I was stuck with the USB Data Stick & plan. I told him aswell , If I was in a "good area" the card would work great and my cell wouldnt need an Airave.

    He then suggested that I try and have someone on craigslist or some other classified site take over my plan and card. This appaled me. I then told the rep why would anyone here in vegas take over a capped @ 5GB per month card/plan when "Clear" Recently launched WiMax unlimited @ $50 per month and their advertisment is everywhere. He didnt have answer for that one.

    He then stated since he cant solve my problem even though Im in a "good" area he would have tech support check my area and if they proved diffrent they would refund everything and cancel with no ETF, I was then transferred. The guy at tech support flat out said the area im in needs another tower. He said he would gladly throw notes in to get everything taken care of. He then asked how my Airave was working out for me and made sure I didnt have any other service area concerns. Transferred back to Account Services.

    The next lady was really nice. She even backdated charges all the way back to when I put the card on standby and resulted in $163 worth of a credit and cancelled the line with NO ETF.

    I feel as if Sprint finally made something right for me, besides when they gave me an Airave.

    On that note,
    I hope I never have to call CS again !

    Hopefully this might help one of you, and Thanks for reading my rant.
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    sprint generally does the right thing..

    But yes, it usually takes 2-3 calls

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