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    i live in a very well covered Sprint area - Chicago. Even good 3g signal isn't enough for a Pre sometimes. It would be a helluva wimax device. I'd highly advise against getting a Pre unless you living in a 3g area w/ a good signal. roaming on 1x just means you have slow data and a lot of missed calls.

    i can also confirm and comment on roaming being tower-specific. my commute takes me on the subway where every major carrier (and most minor ones) have voice/data except sprint. my pre picks up the uscellular cdma signal but i get "error msg LB280" if i try to dial out. as soon as i get above ground my pre will catch a new tower, but still roaming on vz or usc, but voice/data are then allowed.
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    It all depends on Sprint. I visited my sister in a community outside Dallas for Thanksgiving and I LOVED my PRE while there. At home in San Antonio I barely get service. If I move to quickly my phone drops calls and videos are more like half baked slide shows. Sprint doesn't provide service equally to all areas. If the community looks rich it gets better coverage.
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    this is a fix that I think many of you will appreciate. OP sorry you didn't find out about this in time :/
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