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    Well, the issues finally hit me. I had three rock solid Pres that I bought for my family on launch day...but one of them (mine), started to develop bubbles under one part of the screen two weeks ago. I didn't complain about it here, but just waited to see if they would get worse...and they did...with about half a dozen of the 30 or so bubbles getting to be about 1-2mm in diameter.

    It still wasn't a huge deal and they were mostly just noticeable when the phone was off, but you could see them in all white I dropped by my sprint store today when I was driving by just to ask what they thought. I really wasn't going in for an exchange - I just wanted to show them the phone.

    My Pre is otherwise pristine, so the bubbles really stand out when the phone is off. The manager noticed them immediately, ran his finger over the screen to verify that they were under the screen (and not scratches), and then just said, "yeah, that's not problem...we can replace this with a new Pre right now."

    I wasn't prepared to switch...and didn't have any of the accessories with me...including the standard battery cover. They said no problem...and helped me offload my data, got me a new in-box Pre, set it up, transferred over my battery and Touchstone back plate...and then gave me the box as well. Yes, they gave me the entire box...with a new power supply, USB cord, pouch, headphones, etc.

    I reminded the manager that I didn't bring in a box and that I had my accessories at home...and he told me not to worry about it. It's on them...since they don't need the accessories now that I have the Pre that was in that box.

    Just a fantastic experience all the way around...although I did feel bad about trading in what was otherwise a fantastic phone other than the bubbles.
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    Mine was really good too. My wife said her phone was wiggling too much for her to 'deal' with. I went to Best Buy (with the accessories and box of course) within 15 minutes I had a new phone for her.

    Glad to you had such a good experience too.
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