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    I've been with Sprint for 11 years now. I am always amazed with them every time. I learn not to call them anymore. My is always done mainly online or at the store. In my 11 yrs I have probably called them 5 time most to activate my phone one was a change of plan and one was so fustrating that i vowed never to call again.
    Well anyways today is my 30 day with the Pre. I had it for a week and my camera didnt work. Read the forum for a fix and it seems like it was a swap out. I really didnt want to swap out since the stories of bad build cause I never had any issue with my phone no oreo, dead pixels or cracked screens.
    I went in telling them of my issue at 230pm yesterday and they told me that they would order one for me as a replacement and I was on the list. I asked them how long and they didnt know, which is fine with me. I left happy knowing that they took care of me.
    I get home today at 530pm and ups shows up with a box. I normally know whats coming but I had no clue. Then to my surprise it was labeled from sprint. I got my new phone in 24hrs. THAT IS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was expecting a week at least. I am very happy this one has defects and build/warranty date is 6/27. It came in a small box says refurb. Slider actually feel better then my 30 day pre but that may be to the 2000 plus slides. I am sooo happy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drunkinmonk View Post
    ...I am very happy this one has defects and build/warranty date is 6/27. ...
    Hopefully you meant "*no* defects"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    Hopefully you meant "*no* defects"?
    Yes just excited and was thinking faster then I can type.
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    You took a REFURBISHED phone?!? That's ridiculous, considering you purchased it less than 30 days ago.

    I would return the refurbished phone and ask for a brand new one. You paid for a brand new one - why should they give you a refurbished one a few days later?
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    why would you refuse a refurb...what does a brand new one have that a refub doesnt? maybe manufaturers defects. the refubs at least have a chance to get known issues fixed befor they are sent out, they have the newest os, and hardware issues normally the op mentioned. you guys that think a referb is so bad are rediculus.
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    If you bought a new car. It went bad, would you except a refurbed on? I dont think so.

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