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    Does sprint insurance work with a phone that's purchased from ebay?
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    My understanding is that you can put insurance on any phone new to you and activated within 30 days.
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    I was told by Sprint that the phone had to be purchased a a sprint store to be eligible. Though a few years back I was able to get them to insure my mom's Treo which was purchased off of eBay. Policy change mabye...just call CS and ask, wont hurt.
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    As long as the phone is being activated for the first time then yes you can still get insurance. You can even get it if the phone was used but you would have to wait 30 days to make any kind of claim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diomark View Post
    Does sprint insurance work with a phone that's purchased from ebay?
    Copied from another one of my posts:

    To be clear, here is the policy:
    As long as this is the first time the device has been activated on your account you can add TEP. You have 30 days from activation to add TEP. Used, New, E-bay...doesn't matter.
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