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    I thought I'd share this experience. Bottom Line: Sprint CS is great and they genuinely wanted to help me. But, as of right now there is just no possible way to get the Pre discounted even an hour before you're eligible.

    My full discount is on August 1st. I've tried a million different ways to get the discount early so my wife and I can get the Pre (like $5 away from being a premier customer). I've chatted with support, called support, called several stores, and went through our company's Sprint rep.

    At first I was just trying half heartedly, as much as I want the phone I could wait. Then tragedy struck. My wife dropped her Centro into the baby's bath tub. All the keys stopped working.

    So I called CS and they offered the full discount early, for both of us, for any phone we wanted...except the Pre. Didn't want another phone, so my wife just used an extra iPhone I had from work.

    Then, to add insult to injury, my Centro quit working. Wouldn't turn on. Ugh, so now we have a $180 share plan and 2 dead phones. We didn't want a new phone with only 3 weeks until we could get our Pres.

    That is when my company's Sprint Rep said he can try and help. He called and talked to a manager in retentions, and they said its impossible to get the Pre early.

    Then he called his National account manager. Same story. He called a retail store. The retail store manager called her area manager, same story. They told me that reports are run daily and that any store that is caught giving an early discount gets in "serious trouble."

    So, no Pre for me until August, sadly. However, the experience wasn't completely negative. Every person I talked to was extremely nice. I was given $100 off my bill for renewing my contract early. Even better is, despite my wife's phone having water damage, and my phone having previous physical damage (didn't cause any problems with the phone) the retail store manager gave us both brand new Centros for our trouble. She also put us on the waiting list and said she'll have 2 Pres set aside for August 1st.

    In the end I am pleased. I am going out of my mind waiting for the Pre, especially after finally playing with it at the store, but Sprint CS was top notch. I don't consider the Pre being so locked down a failure of the CS group at all. I teeter between thinking Sprint Corporate is being ridiculous about how locked down the Pre is and thinking that they are just trying to be fair. Regardless, in the grand scheme of things, waiting 2 months is small potatoes and Sprint really did take care of me.
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    That's AWESOME!
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    Unfortunately the supply on the Pre is still pretty tight. Many stores still have waiting lists, so bumping up a upgrade date just so you can go on a waiting list doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Glad to hear CS and that store manager have been so accommodating for you.
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