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    I've been w/ Sprint for 10+ years and I have a great plan. Is there any possibility that I can keep the plan when I get my pre?
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    Doubtful... they use fancy phones like this to force people out of the plans that don't make them any money.

    It's too bad too, I had a great SERO plan.
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    has anyone had success maintaining their prior plan? That may be a deal breaker for me. I have a treo pro now and it's fine, but I bought a Pre on ebay. Thus, I may have a Pre on craigslsit sometime later this week...
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    You can ONLY use the individual: simply everything or everything data 450 or 900. Family: Simply everything or everything data family 1500 or 3000 minutes.

    They are being EXTREMELY pushy about this. It is a MUST because "you need to have a data plan that can handle the phone, since it constantly updates the windows." That is what I was told by a friend who is a manager at sprint, so unless you have one of those plans, then you are s.o.l.

    I had to re-up my contract as well (and I have had the same plan for 8 years), even though I had the add-ons for unlimited data and text.

    Hope that helps.
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    Can anyone explain this Sprint "billing ahead" tyranny? I've always gotten bills for one month of service even when I changed phones/plans. Now with the Pre and the Everything 450, suddenly I get to pay this month plus a month ahead on the first bill? I was 3 days into my billing period when I changed plans. Anyone else run across this?
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    The pro-rating scheme is pretty common for phone carriers when you change plans. It's possible in the past you have changed plans at the beginning of a billing cycle, so you never saw it. The math on it will never add up properly so your best bet is to yell and scream at CS on the phone till they wave the pro-rated charges.
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