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    I'm still within the 30 day window for returning my Pre. I haven't decided fully whether I will or not, but I'm considering it.

    Anyway, I want to switch to a phone on AT&T. I also want to keep my number. If I go to AT&T, open an account and have them switch my number over to AT&T, will I be charged an ETF from Sprint even though I'm in the 30 day window? If so, is it possible to return the phone to Sprint, then go to AT&T and request that specific number?

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    You must have att port it first. If you cancel or return the phone to sprint first, you will lose your number and Sprint will own it. ATT wont have access. Go to ATT.. port your number over, if they get it done same day return to sprint with your pre same day. You can do this without losing service...sometimes it may take a day or an overnight to do, but return the phone to sprint as soon as you can to avoid getting charged for the phone(non contract price) and having to wait for credits and refunds and stuff...
    Oh and no ETF
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    Okay, thanks.

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