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    I recently returned and canceled my contract with Sprint last Friday (7-3-09) and the phone charge was returned to my credit card. My question is how long will it take for the credit to show back up on my card? It's monday now and I have not seen it show up on my online statement as of now. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Its up to your credit card company. Some are fast some are slow. I believe they have up to 30 days to get it done.
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    I returned two on 7/3 and it showed up on my card yesterday. I'd give it a few days before I start worrying.

    Sprint informed me that we won't see a refund for the activation fees until our next monthly bill would have come.

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    I will give it a few days then.. I was just curious because I know sometimes it can be instant. I actually have had very good luck with Sprint having switched from Verizon for the Pre and will be sticking with Sprint at the release of the Tour.
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    because I have seen it take 14 days in some cases with ATT, I always Bill it to the account. Sprint customer care can reverse it as soon as they have proof the phone is in the store. I went back to my centro for a few days as I had some beef with the store I purchased it at and my credit and upgrade info was reset basically when I left the store. I had to order it from another store, but it was worth it to take the commission away from that crappy store.
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    Hey if you cancel your contract before 30 days, do you get your money back on your first bill that was paid?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia23 View Post
    Hey if you cancel your contract before 30 days, do you get your money back on your first bill that was paid?
    You have to pay for the days you used the service so any of those days would be deducted. If you used for 29 days, you most likely wouldn't see much if anything.

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