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    Customer experiences are seldom perfect, but when an in-store representative does their best to meet your expectations, that deserves mention. I've had two recent positive experiences with Sprint: one this evening and the other on launch day.

    1) We went into the nearest Sprint corporate store early this evening to purchase a phone for my daughter and add it to our family plan. My daughter knew which phone she wanted, and I knew the price I wanted to pay for the added line sharing existing minutes. The Sprint website is not programmed to deal with adding lines since I added an Everything Data 450 plan to the account (so I knew a either a corporate store, or account services was the route I needed to take). I hoped that the corporate store would handle things as well, and they did. - When we got to the store, they were starting to get a queue of customers shortly after an employee or two had just left for the day. The rep who eventually handled us made the good decision to start taking names so the each customer was served in the proper order. When it was our turn, our first priority was to get my daughter her phone. She wanted the Rumor 2 which we added. The rep was able to add the phone at the expected add-a-phone price, and solved all of the questions we had on our other phones. He did this in spite of having expected being able to leave perhaps around the time we arrived. (One of his friends stopped in. It appeared my rep had hoped to meet some friends for dinner.) In spite of his hope to end work "on time" and meet his friends, our rep made sure that my daughter's phone was added without severely inflating our bill, and he even did a PRL update on my wife's phone and answered some Pre questions for me. So to the Sprint Pre advocate in the Brookline, MA store - thanks for a job well-done and taking the time to serve your customers well!

    2) My purchase of my Pre on launch-day went extremely well. Since I went long on describing today's experience, I'll just say that this is twice in a row that my in-store experiences with Sprint have been what they should be.

    I like the new Sprint, and I don't think I'm the only "lucky" customer. In addition to describing the bad, we need to describe the good too. If you've had a recent positive experience in a Sprint store, feel free to mention it here.

    thanks, -- Bob
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    I had a great experience on launch day, and an even better one two weeks later. With as intensely as I use the device, I was worried about running out of battery at trade shows etc. Checked out extra batteries on line, but decided to check with my local Sprint store and see if they had any available. I got lucky with my Centro in that I walked in, asked if they had an extra battery, and the guy just handed one to me. I didn't think lightning would strike twice, but I about fell over when they did it again. My sprint store gave me an extra Pre battery, no questions asked, and free. Just handed the thing to me. That is outstanding customer service! Just in case anyone is wondering, yes it works fine . They didn't give me a gimped one. Go Sprint!
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    My wife and I have been toying with getting rid of our iPhones lately, due to the poor network that is called AT&T. We used to be Sprint customers, and hated their customer support, so when we were able to, we jumped ship and picked up two iPhone 3G's.

    The other day I went to a Sprint store to look at the Pre, as we(I) was getting fed up with AT&T's slow network in Northeast Wisconsin. The store rep was very helpful, not knowledgeable but at least helpful. I do plenty of research on gadgets, I guess you could call it a hobby so when I asked particular questions to rep he had no idea what I was talking about, but that's O.K., he at least knew how to give me lots of free money.

    We will be picking up our phones next week.
    Palm Pre, $150
    BlackBerry Curve, $Free$ - which we will exchange out for the BlackBerry Tour come July 12th, which will only cost us $200 (no rebate).

    We are excited that we'll be saving over $30 a month, it's not a lot but it adds up quick. I think I'll like the Pre too, I plan on really diving into the Pre once I get my hands on it, and the App Store opens its doors.
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    I have a pretty good one. I initially went to Radio Shack to get a Pre because of the instant rebate and $40 off your first bill. Of course they didn't have any in stock at the time though, and they convinced me to get a new contract anyway and BB Curve in the meantime and then do a swap when Pre's were available. Of course this would require Pre's coming in within 30 days to do the swap. Well, three weeks later and it wasn't looking likely that Pre's would be coming in, and I did not want to get stuck with the Curve. Radio Shack wouldn't let me return the Curve without cancelling my entire contract, which would involve forfeiting my number. I went to a local Sprint store and explained my story and after a long discussion, they agreed to swap my Curve with a Pre on the spot, even though the Curve was from Radio Shack, AND still let me pay the new contract price! ($300 instead of $550 I think) since I only had the account for a few weeks... They bent over backwards to make sure I was satisfied and didn't leave Sprint and I really appreciated that.
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    I was having trouble with my headset, I wasn't sure if it was the headpones (that came with the Pre) or the jack itself. I felt I had gotten one of the good Pre's and did not really want to take a chance on switching phones.

    I went to the Sprint store (Astoria Steinway Street, in NYC), the agent helped test out the headphones and it ended up being the Pre itself.

    It took minutes and I a brand new Pre in my hands without hassles of any kind.

    I also ended up getting the new pouch that has the 'Palm' logo on it. So I felt I got a Pre that was from the newer batch of phones.

    So far it's working great, it did take some time to get it all back together, the Pre backup program does not really do a full backup and it really should. Sorry a bit off topic.

    Sprint has been good to me over the past 10 or more years.

    Robert L
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    Thank you guys!! Coming from a Sprint employee, its disheartening to hear all the horror stories! Its nice to see some positive experiences!
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    I've been a Sprint customer since 1998...OH the stories I could tell....but I will not!

    Sprint has made so many improvements of late in all areas and has really stepped up to the plate!

    Phones, reception, customer service...all have improved!

    Maybe they want to keep me?
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    I've been a Sprint customer since 2001 and can't think of a SINGLE horror story regarding Sprint Customer Service. The worst thing I can think of is when my first Instinct broke and they had to send off for a new/refurb unit b/c they were out of stock. It took like three days and they never called me to tell me it was in. So I guess that's one. Hardly a horror story, but annoying nonetheless.

    But other than that, my Sprint experience has been positive. Back in the day, when I had spotty coverage at home, I could call and they'd "refund" my minutes for dropped calls. They've always taken care of any billing problems. I've had a few tech support issues w/ phones, but if Sprint couldn't solve it, they replaced it (even once or twice when I DIDN'T have TEP). Guess I'm just lucky in that regard. But Sprint gets kudos from me.

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