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    I've been a sprint user for 10+years and never got spam. But in the last 4 days I've gotten a few SMS phishing messages from and

    I checked online and it seems that everyone getting hit by these guys are Sprint users. How exactly does that happen, and how do we make it stop?

    It's obviously a scam so if you get it don't call. The numbers change on each text but here's basically waht it is:
    " Your Farmers and Merchants Bank Debit-Card has been deactivated. To reactivate call 8885102724"
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    I don't get much SMS spam, but whenever I get any text message from someone I don't know, I just delete it.
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    I have T-Mobile and last fall I started getting hit with off shore pharmacy spam. I couldn't blocked it since the number was blocked. T-Mobile had to block it, and they told me it was some guy from Africa sending them out.

    Then right before the Super Bowl I started getting off shore betting spam, and once again T-Mobile had to block it.
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