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    I keep getting prank calls from a blocked number. On landlines you can set things up so that if a blocked number calls you it gets automatically rejected... not even sent to voice mail.

    Cell phone carriers don't support that for no reason whatsoever. Will Sprint ever support it? It's getting out of hand...
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    I would like this as well....I have never understood why you can't do this with cell phones
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    3rd party apps, on the PALM Treo Centro kinda had this... you could set your phone to pickup then hangup blocked callers (you'd log about 1 minute of air time). I would suspect that, a million years or so from now (sarcasm), when we finally start getting apps for the Pre, some 3rd party developer will create something like this.
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    On my Treo's I could at least set it up so a blocked or unknown caller wouldn't ring at all; I'd settle for the ability to just do that.

    I agree that an app that could answer the call and tell the caller that I don't accept blocked or anonymous calls would be the best way to go...
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    They should at least allow you to forward calls to a 3rd party that would screen the calls.

    I did something similar with youmail, I added the # with "The number you have dialed has been disconnected" everytime only they called. It only took about 3 calls before they thought I got a new number and gave up.

    You might try that but its .20 a minute to forward calls but it might be worth ending the headache.
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    The cell carriers CAN do it but they will try and deny it. Just call them up, say you're being illegally harassed, and will change your number and service provider if they don't block this number from being able to call. I've done this before with those annoying car warranty scams and they've given me no problems about it.

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