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    Is anyone else's AIM-to-SMS not working?
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    Mine works. I've not figured out how to add a buddy to the list through contacts other than starting a conversation through sms program via aimchat. you do have to log your account in the sms prefs. It added my buddy list but I think the only way to add buddy is through the aol client. I've never used it. Only msging programs through centro/treo pro/pre.

    If you want some halfed *** instructions, let me know.
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    Mine isn't working either, which is a minor pain. I haven't experienced any battery drain from staying logged in to AIM all the time, so now I just get messages sent from AIM that way. Only other problem is that with Pre logged in AND my laptop logged in, I get AIM messages both places, and get reminded 30 times a day that I'm logged in to AIM in more than one place.
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    you are logged in through browser?


    Go hit sms.

    Top left corner press the word "Messaging".

    Press preference and account.

    Add "IM account". Follow the aim directions.

    Go back to main sms screen. Press buddies upper right then 'log in'.

    Should do it.
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    Btw: I do not think it will tell you if someone logged in. Only when they initiate chat you will see it as a "sms" with Aim in the too of chat screen. I do know that if you send message anyways when someone is offline; they get the message in aim & googletalk. No smileys visiable on Pre. If you type it, they see it in their messenger.

    Hope this helps...

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