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    Quote Originally Posted by jdunlap View Post
    I love how "unlimited" is not an actual telecom word. I suppose that means I have an unlimited income that is capped at "$X/year".
    Yeah it is kind of B.S. I used to work in the cell industry. They print in the features unlimited then real small somewhere they state there is a cap. I know they are "safe" as long as they disclose the cap somewhere but in my opinion it is shady. How can you call something unlimited and then cap it? "I am sorry sir I know the salad bar says all you can eat, but there is a 5 trip limit per person." I would love to see that play out. I have the Unlimited Everything plan but I do not get everything i.e. premiere Tv and or movie channels on Sprint TV and a few other features. How do you call it Unlimited Everything if it does not include every service Sprint offers? Unlimited implies as much as you want, at least as far as I was taught in school and Everything implies...well everything. Don't get me wrong I love my plan and price but the wording is shady, not just with Sprint but all cell companies. Any Sprint rep care to reply?.....hint hint... Yosh
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    Like someone already mentioned, good luck hitting that 5GB mark without tethering.

    I have an Instinct and I think the most Ive racked up with it is 300MB. That was tethered and downloaded a torrent without thinking.

    From just normal data usage on the phone, I think 50MB is the highest Ive gone.
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    I know the fact I have yet to download under 100GB in a month on my Unlimited Broadband card from Sprint that it is pretty dang unlimited. At least more unlimited than you will ever be able to use without specifically trying to get as much as possible.
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    When I had my touch diamond I used to download ridiculous amounts of things, sometimes just so that I could transfer them to my laptop, and I never had any problem.
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    Yesterday, the official Palm twitter account bragged about a guy using 5.8gb on his Pre and seemed to be challenging others to use more.

    The stakes have been raised: RT @EzioAssassinASD: @palm I have over 5.8 GB on this month. I love my Pre and @Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Technologic 2 View Post
    For your Pre, unlimited IS UNLIMITED! For the Data Card with it's own number Unlimited is Unlimited. I did shop around before I added this with Sprint and made sure because I use it for my Insurance Business and am on line a lot. With my Pre, I stream Pandora almost constantly (all night, and in my car)

    For the portable Wi-Fi Box they do limit it to 5GB, but that is a lot. Not impossible to hit, but most won't. With my Pre for almost a month and my Data Card combined I hit around 6GB Total and I am a HEAVY user. I have streamed TV shows, and Pandora and am constantly on the internet.
    lol 5GB is nothing my friend. If someone uses the MiFi WiFi Card as a semi-primary line they'll come close, a lot.
    Example: 1 HD Movie is over 5 GB
    Example: 1 SD Movie is over 1 GB
    Example: 1 Hulu 22 minute episode takes up 200-300 MB.

    5 GB is pathetic actually and I am upset that Sprint removed their unlimited package for their wireless data.
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