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    I posted in another forum but I guess I should have posted here...

    I'm going to pick up another Treo -- used -- as my contract isn't up just yet. I am interested in which Treo has the absolute best radio reception and is particularly good at ringing even in weak signal areas. My 650 wouldn't ring half the time -- even if I had full bars.

    I don't care if it is windows or palm OS. The feature set isn't all that important, either. My priorities are in the following order:

    1) Radio reception -- ringing even in weak areas and not dropping calls.
    2) Battery life
    3) performance (some treos are really sluggish!)
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    I just retired my 755p when I picked up my pre. It would pull in signal well after most phones turned into paperweights.
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    My 700p gets great battery life. I charge it every night, but in over 3 yrs of heavy use I've only had a couple of days where the battery got close to low. It also has good reception.
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    I've overall been happy with my 755p. But combined with my email and other usage, I don't get as good of battery life as I used to get with an older BB. Of course, the BB was just for email and phone.
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    My 650 never got good reception where I work. I just gave up on the Pre. It was just as bad (not the device). Returned it yesterday and went back to my Treo 750 on AT&T.

    The 650 had great battery life. Seems like the smaller battery in the 680/750/755 has about half the juice. I have to charge my 750 every other day. The 650 could go three to five days. Then again, it could be the Active Sync with WM on the 750. By the way, the Pre ran out of juice every day.
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    I would recommend the 700wx. I had mine for quite awhile and NEVER had any serious issues out of it. Reception was great and it is a snappy device. My only problem with the 700wx is its BT radio which was an issue with older Treos anyway.
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