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    I got a Pre last Friday and I love it. I had a Centro before and it was also good. I know that the Centro was on the Rev. O EVDO network, but it never seemed like it went back down to 1x. On my Pre, it seems like it switches from EVDO to 1x all the time. In my house, where I should have good coverage and on the middle of the open road. I'm not sure if it is because of the Rev. A, but shouldn't the coverage be better then this? And also, shouldn't it go down to Rev. 0 first? And does anyone else have this problem anywhere else?
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    Out of curiosity...are you running the latest firmware update (v1.03)? I ask because I am interested in the Pre but hoping they've addressed signal issues. If the reception can match the Centro I'll be fine.
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    I noticed that happens to me also. It so far has only slowed down the loading of pages cause it jumpa right back to the'Ev' symbol pretty quickly. I also was a centro user but I do not think the palm os centro was recognizing signal drops for a split second cause I remember quite a bit of stalls while loading.. (not processing but data sent)..

    Oh.. BTW: I also live in Broward. (coral springs/ft lauderdale area to be vague...)
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    I am running 1.0.3. I am typring this on my prre so sorry for any spelling mistakes. It just happened again going south on 95 (don't worry I'm not driving). I was loading precentral to see if anyone knew what was happening and for about 5 seconds it jumpeped down to 1x and then back to EVDO. Full bars, and it just dropped. This better not be a problem, esspicially for such a web-centric device.
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    I yet to see it as a real problem and I must admit, i'm pretty pre-web-centric per say. If you notice big delays from signal search, I usaully reload the page. Since refresh isn't present unless you hit Stop 'x' in lower right corner, I simply scroll to the top of the page, tap the address bar and press enter on keyboard or screen...
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    Not a huge problem but an annoince. A phone is first a phone and I have had some dropped calls in a specific part of my house. I don't think I had that sort of problem with the Centro. I alao know that the battery drains more when you don't have a good signal, so this can be a potential battery drainer. I'm not suee where the radio is located so it may be that we are all holding it wrong, but I doubt that.

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