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    I'm a new Pre customer coming from the iPhone. I'd like to add a line or two and convert my current Everything Data 450 line to a family plan, but I only need data on one line (mine). Everything I've seen indicates that's not possible, but I'm hoping there is a way.
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    nope, if u need access on one line that needs data then you need to keep your 450 everthing plan and add a shared plan w multiple lines on the non data plans.....however it would prob be cheaper to just put all the lines on the everthing shared 1500/3000 shared plan.
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    This really all depends on how many lines and minutes you will need on the family plan. When I 1st got my blackberry a year ago I was on a family plan that didn't have data as a part of it and got an addon pack that cost $30. Sprint since then simplified their plans to the ones you see now on their website so I don't know if they still have the addon packs. But depending on how many line and minutes you will need on the family plan it is probably better to go with one of the everything data family since you get all sorts of other bells and whistles with it that the other lines may want.

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