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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    Main easy is to transfer my data from a Treo 800w to a Treo Pro using the built-in Sprite back-up? In theory, I would insert my 8GB mini SD card from the Treo 800w to the Pro. Then Launch Sprite back-up from the Pro and transfer my data from the card to the Pro. (Hope that makes sense.)

    How is the camera on the Treo Pro? The Treo 800w's camera isn't that all intuitive. I also hear rumours of WM 6.5...should I hold off a little longer...?

    P.S. What about text messaging/MMS/SMS...are the two apps (from Treo 800w to Pro) compatible now? Would the 800w SMS back-up work for the TreoPro?
    Bump on these questions!
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    What's the best deal for the Treo Pro if I happen to call Sprint retentions? The phone is technically almost a year old now and am surprised that it's still selling for $199. For $99 or less I would jump.
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    Retentions can make almost any deal they like, but the Treo pro has only been out with Sprint for a few months. Retentions will compare your lost business versus the lost money on the handset.
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    Any new stories with Sprint Premiere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlaqkAudio View Post
    You should be a SP member. It's either have a recurring monthly charge of $69.99 or higher for at least 3 months or be a Sprint customer for 10+ years. Which you seem to satisfy both

    Try calling Sprint and asking them about it.
    That would explain why I just became one. They didn't tell me that I was one, but I noticed that on my Sprint page I was getting offers for SP customers. I just changed to a Everything Plus Family Blackberry plan for $109. I wonder what advantages there are to being in this "club".

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    Here's a question. How do you even become a SP member? I got a letter in the mail one day and just was one. I have no memory of signing up for anything, in fact I thought you had to pay a monthly fee?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkims View Post
    in fact I thought you had to pay a monthly fee?
    No monthly fee or anything like that. Once you meet the requirements you should be automatically added to SP. For me I spoke with retentions (for other reasons) and they added SP on the spot. I've been a Sprint customer for 4+ years and have spent in the neighborhood of $160 each month. The Retentions folks didn't know what it wasn't already on my account but were happy to get it setup.
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    I got a thing in the mail today with Sprint Premier.

    Happy Anniversary...either $5 service credit or 75 bonus minutes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by btrotta View Post
    How does one become a SP member and what are the qualifications. I've been a Sprint customer since 1999 and have had a bill with monthly recurring charges north of $100 for most of it. Just curious as to what it takes to be in the club. (And I know, if you have to ask, you're not worthy.)
    You could be the victim of a couple gotcha's. For the monthly payment: it must be 69.99 for an individual or 99.99 for a family plan. That must be for the base plan only with no add-ons. You cannot use data packs, text packs, or insurance to get you over the hump.

    The other is your time of service. At ten years regardless of monthly price you are eligible. Somewhere around 2002-2003 they changes their billing software and it messed up the dates. You'll need to call in and explain what happened. They will then have to go and dig through old records and find the correct information. It may take a few days but they will get it straightened out.
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    can't say exactly what SP is but my bro and I have been sprint slaves for 14 years and we spend a fortune. However when the pre launch happened we got a phone call from the manager that manager could give us the phones earlier.(2 hours) while everyone was waiting outside the store. So maybe due to our long biz with sprint or just damn lucky but I hold the very first pre released in tulsa ok. When asked why we got then he said loyalty to sprint.
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    In my latest bill, received a flyer for the latest SP benies starting 7/15/2010.

    This is a benefit, really?

    Now your 25% accessory discount is available when you purchase two or more accessories--and it's good on any line at any time.
    Then they just repeat the new phone upgrade every year like they always have.

    Does Sprint think we're morons?
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    maybe i just have two really good store in my area ...

    they always give me the 25% discount on accessories (not just one and not 2/more .. each time I buy something) I do always rememebr to ask "i get 25% off this right?" and the answer has always been yes.

    I have one 1500 min family plan with 9 lines on it, the limit is supposed to be 5. do i have 9 because I am such a longtime customer 11+ years? I dont know, I dont ask, I just reap the rewards.

    All 9 of my phones always come up for upgrade after a year, its not random and its not only the first line, its every line, every year.

    so ... for me, SP, seems to have tangible benefits; at least that the way i like to see it
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    I am referred to as a 'white glove' premiere customer. We get DOD discounts, loyalty discounts, free airrave, free minutes added to our plan, early upgrades, extensions on mail-in rebates, waiver of fees for various perks, and discounts on accessories. I don't think I've ever used a coupon for discounted purchases. I don't think we're necessarily special, I just ASK for things, and usually get them. Not always, but usually. I will admit, though, success depends on the investment of time on the phone explaining why you need what you're asking for. We've been w/ Sprint for about 12 years & I am very budget-minded. I see many 'useless' perks being marketed in the monthly newsletter, but I've also been the recipient of fairly consistent good customer service. All else fails, ask for 'retentions', it ups your chances of a positive outcome.
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    I've only seen the early upgrade feature available to SP customers. After one year, you can upgrade with the full 150.00 amount towards your next device. That's what I'm available for right now and I got my Pre at launch of last year.

    I'm in no rush to switch though. Even with the hw shortfalls, I <3 my Pre.
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