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    Forgive me if this has been covered here before, maybe I'm not searching enough, but before I decide to get a Pre, I want to see some opinions on the forums as to the signal strength and call quality of the Pre and Sprint in NYC/Brooklyn area. I keep reading that VZW is basically number one in that dept, generally, and Sprint tends to be second, "generally."

    Is anyone from the area with a Pre or can you direct me to some other threads where I could make my mind up? I don't really wanna wait until 2010 when VZW will pick up the Pre.

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    living in brooklyn and coming from t-mo, the signal is better in my apt now. i dont seem to have issues with phone reception in downtown brookly.

    in washington heights where i work, data seems to go in and out of roaming.

    maybe you can ask hers: for more thoughts.
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    Go on Sprint's site. It has a map that shows you the quality of the connection at your specific location. I've found it be accurate in my area of NJ.
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    I work in Staten Island not far from the Verrazano Bridge and my reception is always good and even when I am in Bay Ridge my signal gets at the least 4 bars.
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    I live in Bushwick and can hold a conversation along my street facing windows and backyard facing windows. It drops calls everywhere else but i can still send and receive texts. Service outdoors is great.
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    sprint is great near the sheepshead area of brooklyn

    palmhead is right just check the sprint page for a coverage map
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    Live on Long Island and worked in Queens( rego park area) and have never had problems
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