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    How is EVDO coverage and Sprint network strength in the Miami Beach/South Florida area? Compared to Verizon? Need lots of forum feedback please!!!
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    I can tell you that the coverage from Aventura to Pompano / Deerfield is on par or better than it was with Verizon. I'm not down to South Beach much, so I can't say there. But coverage is solid north past Boca, and west past Pembroke Pines.
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    I work, from key west to vero.

    Service is fine.

    Coworker has verizon. His is fine.

    We both have our great spots and we both have our dead spots.

    I did notice my bill was alot cheaper since I pay both for the business.

    Oh & btw, he didn't have a million people following him... So maybe that's why he had some dead spots.
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    Went to Sprint store at 1201 Lincoln Rd to purchase new iPhone 5, since for the past six months I experienced many internet connection problems on my iPhones 4S all over Miami Beach, not even talking about remote areas. The phones displayed at the store are connected to internal WiFi, however as soon as we changed it to Sprint 3G or whatever they call 4G – it took anywhere from one to a few minutes to load websites like CNN, Yahoo even inside of Sprint store.. After leaving the store, decided to use my new iPhone 5 to find closest Apple store while walking on Lincoln Rd, after walking two blocks the website finally loaded, however we approached the Apple store before store locator page could load, which is four blocks away. There were no tech problems with Apple site, since it took other Sprint iPhone 4S about the same time to load pages like, etc. in a meanwhile. Apple reps examined and tested my iPhones and were absolutely shocked about the speed of internet that Sprint offers. Then I installed FREE application to my iPhones and walked all over Miami Beach tourist destinations: Lincoln Rd, Washington Ave, Ocean Dr, Collins Ave, etc. to test internet connection offered by Sprint. While Sprint data coverage maps show excellent 3G and 4G coverage everywhere in Miami Beach – only 5% of tests showed 1 to 1.4 mbps, more than 50% of tests showed under 0.6 mbps and 20% of the tests showed that no internet connection available, while neither of the tests showed above 1.4 mbps. Visited other cell phone service providers and tested internet speed on their non-Wi Fi cell phones, which showed over 20 mbps. Returned my new iPhone to Sprint store on a same day. Tested the speed the next day again on my 4S – same results! Called Sprint customer service to report the issue, was told that probably the tower is down then got transferred to Sprint tech support who checked the signal from their side and said that tower works just like it suppose to. Check your Sprint bill to see how much you paying for this type of data! But don’t just take my word for it, if you are Sprint customer – just upload free application or use any other free speed test program to see for yourself!
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    I have had sprint over 10 years, Sprint pretty reliable in Miami area for me

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